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Oliver Winston is currently accepting applications for the following positions. Click on the job title for a detailed description. If interested, please contact us for specific application and submission requirements.

  • Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner


    The psychiatric nurse practitioner will provide culturally competent mental health care to patients who are experiencing varying levels of difficulties due to mental health concerns and are in need of evaluation with medication management services. Psychiatric evaluation and limited psychotherapy will also be provided as needed.

    Major Areas of Responsibility

    • Provide evidence based, patient-centered, compassionate and ethical outpatient mental health care with primary responsibility for medication evaluation/management.
    • Keep timely, comprehensive clinical documentation in line with meaningful use standards
    • Maintain required billable hours as negotiated with supervisor. Utilize a flexible work schedule that meets the needs of patients and NP
    • Actively participate as a positive member of the clinic environment
    • Maintain good standing with the appropriate board and insurance entities
    • Maintain active DEA number
    • Complete all recommended continuing medical education requirements
    • Remain current with updated research and best practices
    • Be willing to participate in a collaborative clinic environment
    • Secure client information per HIPAA standards
    • Maintain case files within electronic health record (EHR) that are up to date
    • Perform other duties as assigned (including but not limited to completion of prior authorization and billing forms, phone calls including peer-to-peer for prior authorization and participation in case consultation meetings)
    • Active collaboration agreement with a licensed psychiatrist

    Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

    • Diagnose psychiatric disorders in children,adolescents, or adults
    • Write prescriptions for psychotropic medications as allowed by licensing board
    • Manage/monitor patient’s medication usage and results
    • Provide brief, supportive therapy for patients with acute or chronic mental health disorders
    • Knowledge of family systems and their impact on mental health within the family
    • Trauma informed care
    • Skill in applying various interventions with individuals/families in crisis
    • Skill in working with a variety of cultures
    • Skill in working independently and implementing time management strategies
    • Ability to provide necessary self-care
    • Ability to demonstrate positive team interactions with other clinic staff
    • Awareness of personal strengths and appropriate timing for referrals

    Education and Experience

    A masters or doctoral degree in nursing with psychiatric certification preferred. Previous experience preferred, but not required

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  • Qualified Mental Health Professional (QMHP)


    The QMHP will provide culturally competent mental health care to patients who are experiencing varying levels of difficulties due to mental health concerns. The QMPH will utilize best practices and will comply with all ethical and professional guidelines.

    Per requirements of Oliver Winston Behavioral Urgent Care Center, LLC the QMPH (as defined by Kentucky Law) has various clinical responsibilities as defined below:

    • Have training and credentials sufficient to provide case management services
    • Has training and credentials to independently provide psychotherapy services
    • Have training and credentials to independently provide group therapy services
    • Maintain such credentials while practicing at Oliver Winston Behavioral Urgent Care Center, LLC
    • This position will require the QMHP to complete risk assessments and to petition the courts if and when involuntary commitment is warranted
    • This position will require obtaining consent and communicate with outside providers
    • This position will report directly to the Director of Clinical Operations

    Education and Experience

    • Degree qualifying the designation of qualified mental health professional in the state of Kentucky
    • Outpatient experience in all age groups, experience in substance abuse counseling preferred

    Pay Rate

    • This position will be compensated at the rate of $25 per hour

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  • Medical Laboratory Technician (MLT)


    As a Medical Laboratory Technician for Oliver Winston Labs, candidates will provide accurate, timely and cost effective testing of patient samples to aid in the diagnosis and treatment of disease in compliance and harmony with the quality management system.

    Essential Job Functions

    • Lab Procedures. Performs a variety of technical laboratory procedures according to Medical Center, laboratory and national standards as to obtain patient specimens using to ensure specimen quality used to aid in the diagnosis and treatment of disease.
    • Documentation. Responsible for accurately completing records and reports and other statistical information for master files or databases.  Follows laboratory policy for data retrieval, record keeping, specimen, and identification, requisition, reporting, charting, and billing procedures.
    • Communication and Teamwork. Maintains positive working relationship with the medical staff and hospital personnel. Uses positive interpersonal skills to educate/support lab customers and promote success of team members. Uses clear and concise verbal and written communication with staff and the public. Acts independently on supervisor’s direction and accepts responsibility of the adopted policy and procedures of the hospital and the laboratory. Shares call duty and works different shifts as required.
    • Quality Control/Quality Improvement. Participates in QC/QI for area of specialty and Lab indicators. Does not report patient results unless quality control data are within accepted parameters. Recognizes out of control values, takes corrective action, and notifies others of changes.
    • Safety and Education. Complies with laboratory safety procedures. Possesses adequate knowledge of instrumentation, theory, and application of new and existing tests. Completes education necessary to maintain licensure or certification for the job.
    • Problem Solving and Critical Thinking. Assumes responsibility to resolve problems. Performs required preventative maintenance procedures in laboratory instrumentation. Investigates and resolves technical problems, consults supervisor if resolution involves policy or procedure modification. Identifies real or potential situations or equipment failure, attempts to resolve within area of specialty or knowledge and refers complex issues to appropriate source. May be a key analyzer operator with proper training and documentation of skills. Follows the laboratory safety policies and participates in safety education programs.

    General Performance

    • Tests are performed according to laboratory procedure and guidelines and test results are correctly and legibly entered on the patient report forms and laboratory records.
    • Specimens are checked as to their condition, acceptability and appropriateness to the test and exceptions are noted.
    • Special assigned work or projects are completed as instructed.
    • Maintains a neat, sanitary, organized work area.
    • Keeps an adequate supply of working materials on hand.
    • Work pending is organized and appropriately left for follow up.
    • All critical values are reported promptly to the physician.
    • Charge slips are accurate, complete, and legible.

    Education and Experience

    • Degree in Medical Laboratory Technology or equivalent education/work experience.
    • Individuals qualifying for this position with an Associate's Degree must have certification as either a Medical Laboratory Technologist or a Clinical Lab Technician (CLT). Certification status will be determined and tracked by the laboratory.

    Additional Requirements

    • Upon date of Hire: Current Negative TB Test
    • Ability to Pass a Criminal History Check and Drug Test
    • Must be current in all immunizations
    • Must be able to read, write and speak English
    • Regular attendance is a requirement of this job

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Job descriptions are intended to convey general information but are not intended to be an exhaustive list of qualifications, skills, efforts, duties, responsibilities or working conditions associated with positions. Background check and drug screen are parts of pre-employment screening. Oliver Winston LLC shall seek to insure and provide equal opportunity for all persons seeking employment without regard to race, age, color, religion, gender, marital status, sexual orientation, military status, national origin, disability, or any other characteristic as established by law.

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